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for your wholesale coffee supply.

We offer a variety of coffee blends, decaffeinated and single origins for your point of difference in providing espresso coffee to your customers. Award winning, Organic, Fairtrade, or Direct Trade are all available.

If you are local to us (Manawatu) we deliver your freshly roast beans in reusable tins for convenience. We have good courier run relationships for deliveries in other provinces.

We are the NZ agents for the European espresso Expobar | CREM machines and parts, making the set up experience seamless and easy for your Barista Station, with ongoing support and maintenance. All accessories, from a tamper to a jug or grinder, are in stock.

We stock plumbed-in bulk brewers for conferences and lease out filter towers and pump pots for short or long-term hire. For those of you wishing to run one-off events, with your own experienced Baristas, we offer an extra 2 group compact espresso machine and grinder set up to hire – only requiring 10amp power for easy portable use.

Our experienced roasters and baristas with years of training offer a wealth of coffee experience. We have a specialist Barista Training School along the road from our Roastery on Featherston Street, that offers full and comprehensive barista training, from introductory courses for beginners through to up-skilling the intermediate & experienced barista.

We have single use “commercially compostable” takeaway cups and lids in 6, 8, 12 or 16oz sizes however, in today’s climate we strongly encourage you to promote reusables cups. We have both NZ made Cuppa Cup and double walled Bullet branded options and Frank Green’s. We stock a wide range of ACME ceramic cups for your café.

Any other soft brew method equipment options are also available at great rates and the ability to on sell, beautiful single origin specialty microlots for filter brewing may appeal to your customers.

Hospitality is an industry which deserves to expect the best skilled workers, that will stay in hospitality and become world leaders in service. We’d like to help the committed, passionate staff to find career paths and continue gathering knowledge in the coffee industry.

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